Repertoire I: Basics and Joyful

Dear students, buy this book (photo) and we'll use it together with a selection of pieces from Joy of the First Year Piano, Suzuki book 1, Mastering the Piano book 1, Hal Leonard book 1-4, Piano Piccolo (Pianissimo series), Kabalevsky op. 39, Duvernoy op. 176 and possibly other basic materials to learn to play piano.

This book is a lead sheet, it makes it natural to explore different kinds of accompaniment too, from very simple to more complex depending on ones' experience with playing the piano. Since Christmas comes every year, it's natural to repeat them as well, eventhough it's not a must if you really cannot stand Christmas songs ;)

Repetition is important in learning to play the piano, I noticed that when I took the Suzuki teachers' training in Sept-Dec 2019, even the students who were playing Mozart Sonata in their book 6, kept occasionally repeating book 1.

I can't imagine doing this with my students but as a teacher I know the importance of repeating, reviewing, connecting the dots, applying what one has learned in one piece to other pieces, etc.

This year I'm working on the list of repertoire related to this joyful December songs. In many piano method books which use folk songs I see quite regularly that among others, the 'German folk songs' and 'French folk songs' are mentioned. The December songs, however, the Sinterklaas (because I'm based in Amsterdam) and of course the Chrismas songs 🎄 are more international, aren't they?  

Last updated: 12/1/23